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What is anouther name for kraft paper



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loose-leaf and bound books. One negative reproduces highlight and shadows, the other middle tones. Static Neutralizer In printing presses, an attachment designed to remove the static electricity from the paper to avoid ink setoff and trouble with feeding the paper. Usually used to designate 1,000 sheets or two reams of fine paper. Vehicle The liquid part of an ink that gives it flow, enabling it to be applied to a surface. Some call it washable paper because it is washable, printable and dye-able, meaning that it stands wear, water and moisture. (1) Paper or board that is on hand in inventory. Commercial Match Paper manufactured to within acceptable tolerances of a sample provided to the mill. This gives the paper a hard cockle finish typical of bond work papers. In photography, chemicals used to reduce the density of negative or positive images or the size of halftone dots (dot etching). Cross Direction The opposite direction of the grain of the paper. U Unbleached Paper not treated to bleaching; sample it has a light brown hue. So named because the letter "M" in early fonts was usually cast on a square body. Viscosity Broad term that encompasses the properties of tack and flow as applied to inks. Laid Paper Term describes the finish imparted by a dandy roll which features wires parallel to its axis that impress the paper during manufacture to produce a permanent watermark. (2) Ink that comes off the cover during shipment and transfers to other covers or to the shipping carton or mailer; also called Scuffing. EPAs definition for recovered is the most widely accepted and does not include scrap paper created in the initial papermaking process, but does include scrap created in a mill after the paper comes off the paper machine.

What is anouther name for kraft paper

AhFook from, subjects smearing A press condition in which the impression is slurred and unclear. Joint The flexible hinge where the cover of yellow a casebound book meets the spine. Or other pattern, but they will produce it when ordered. But the FTC does not require postconsumer content in papers labeled recycled.

9 September 2011 - Rating agency care yesterday rated the long and short- term bank facilities of Indian kraft paper manufacturer Shri Ramchander Straw.Kraft definition is - a strong paper or cardboard made from wood pulp produced.

As though the letters were squashed at their sides. Reflection Copy In photography, correspondence Papers Writing papers in attractive example of a clear thesis statement variquest poster paper finishes. Weights or colors, form layout, sealed Term often applied to cut size sheets which are packaged" You can see the entire shape of the lamb from this leatherits head. NonImpact Printers Forms an image without impact.

Sulphate Alkaline process of cooking pulp also known as the kraft process.Used as a model or sample for the printer.