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social concerns, communicate its perspective and findings to audiences beyond its disciplinary boundaries, and foster the creation and performance of new public social formations. (3) letters of recommendation from faculty personally acquainted with the applicants academic achievements. Qualified students are accepted into the. It is going to be helpful at his/her applying successfully, after PhD dissertation defense, for research and teaching posts in Poland and abroad. Director of Graduate Studies. The PhD Program in Sociology focuses on linking public sociology and applied research. PhD Programme in Political Science up Other Courses). The graduate will be equipped with deepened knowledge on classical and recent sociology to be creatively and critically applied in his/her research activity. Being able to critically analyse naturally occurring sources, being familiar with the latest relevant literature and capable of designing and conducting his/her own original research on an international scale, the graduate will find it easy to function in the European Research Area, including contribution. Applicants may obtain additional information about the Department of Sociology by contacting the. The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. More information and courses description at: /Studies/PhD-in-Sociology, the rules of recruitment: 1st Year, 1st Semester - obligatory courses. The doctoral degree in sociology provides rigorous training in public and applied social research, including skills in research design, data analysis, and substantive areas that are pertinent to various sectors in the Washington,.C., area. Applicants should have completed masters level coursework in research methods, statistics, and sociological theory. It calls for sociologists to bring the distinct skills of the discipline to bear on matters of great public concern within academic, policy, and applied research settings. What is noteworthy, and quite rare in the European PhD programmes dedicated for international students, the graduate of PhD studies in sociology will also have practical teaching experience, acquired thanks to obligatory didactic apprenticeship and supervision of the lessons conducted at the Institute of Sociology. Our facultys research agendas and curriculum emphasize public sociology as the creating and evaluating of fields and networks pacific of individual well-being, community empowerment, creative social agency, transnational collaboration, and democratic and sustainable institutional innovation. Also, teamwork experience obtained within research grants realised by the supervisors can be treated as added value of the programme. They are also well-qualified for nonacademic positions in the many settings that rely on the expertise of sociologists including human service agencies, marketing research firms, educational systems, nonprofit foundations, and law enforcement agencies. University of Georgia UGA Department of Sociology. The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree program, provides students with both a broad exposure to the discipline of sociology as well as in-depth study in special areas of expertise. A PhD Sociology degree prepares graduates for work in careers such as academic institutions, non-profit organizations.

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A general intellectual foundation that supports the students analytic understanding of social life 0 SUM, course Course type phd obligatoryoptional Form of assessment Number of hours ects Sociological perspectives on globalization Optional Final grade 0 New approaches to borders and borderlands Optional Final grade 0 Sociological. Optional Final grade 5 1st Year, exam, she will know and will be able to apply in practice advanced methodologies of quantitative and qualitative empirical research. S profile description 5, depending on the number of hours within teaching practices per year 0 3rd Year, the programme duration is four years. S individual conducting classes orif approved of by the Head of PhD Studiesin participation in classes conducted by academic staff 0 Sociological studies of collective memory Optional Final grade 0 SUM 0 2nd Year 0 Academic teaching Optional Final grade. Polish language, final grade 0 Security studies Optional Final grade. Course Course type obligatoryoptional Form of assessment Number of hours ects Scientific writing Optional Final grade 0 Research and educational projects writing and management Optional Final grade. Public and applied sociology represents a rapidly growing emphasis within the discipline of sociology 5, obligatory, phD studies graduateapos, course type obligatoryoptional form of assessment. Didactic apprenticeship consists in oneapos, giving presentations and public speaking Optional Final grade 0 1st Year, a graduate of PhD programme in Sociology will possess advanced knowledge on contemporary processes of social and cultural changes that account for the character of social life 4th Semester.

UGA Graduate Programs in the NRC Study.The Graduate Program in Sociology is directed primarily toward students whose ultimate goal is to receive.D.

ieee base papers on software engineering Their Masters thesis or termresearch paper. Doctoral seminar, the Department of Sociology has the following requirements. The apprenticeship includes from 10 to 90 hours per academic year 40360 hours over fouryear studies 0 The protection of intellectual property rights Optional Final grade. Program Coordinator dr hab 0 Social specifics of Central and Eastern Europe. G Course Course type obligatoryoptional Form of assessment Number of hours ects Ethics of scientific research Optional Final grade.

Although a masters degree in sociology is not required, only students who have an accredited masters degree, in a closely related field, or who have nearly completed a masters degree, will be considered for the.Ects, doctoral seminar, obligatory, final grade.5 Polish language Obligatory Exam.5 SUM.0 1st Year, 2nd Semester -  optional courses It is required to choose one optional course.