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PDF eXpress Compliant Report must be submitted for verification purpose. Make sure the presenter name is correct as it will be used in the certificate of attendance/presentation. Below

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is in residence as a full-time student 995. Academia Stack You should thank them by acknowledging them at the end of your defense (i.e. After the defense, you will

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between your thumb and forefinger as shown. This is not strange since the current world record for the longest distance traveled by a paper airplane was launched by

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110.43 17, walberg, 1999, with teacher comments.88 31, graded.78 28, cooper, Robinson, Patall, 2006, homework versus no homework.60. Rather than seeing homework as an obligatory task students must complete

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nodes divided equally between 512MB and 1024MB configurations. Rose Student: Changqing Wang Graduation date: August 1996 Thesis title: Integrating tools and methods for rigorous analysis of C generic library components Advisor: David Musser Employment after graduation: GTE Student: Edward Allen Green Graduation date: May 1996 Thesis title: Model-based analysis of printed tables Advisor. Govindaraju Graduation date: 1995 Thesis title: Design of scalable expander interconnection networks Advisor: Mukkai Krishnamoorthy Employment after graduation: IBM Student: Jonathan. Zaki Employment after graduation: Senior Associate Scientist, Yahoo! McGuinness Employment after graduation: Director, Data Operations, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Student: Yu Chen Graduation date: August 2015 Thesis title: Context Modeling with Inertia Mobile Sensor Advisor: Peter Fox Employment after graduation: Data Scientist/Software Engineer, Yahoo Student: Abhisek Kundu Graduation date: August 2015 Thesis title: Element-wise. Williams Graduation date: 1970 Thesis title: Scheduling algorithm for a demand-response bus system Advisor: Employment after graduation: Student: Donald Bishko Graduation date: 1969 Thesis title: Planning for common mineral resources in the urban - suburban environment: a computer simulation approach Advisor: Employment after graduation. Maria Helguera, PhD, Bob Callens, and Joe Pow will be presenting "A Research Approach to Recruit College Applicants in Specialized Science to Benefit Global Technology and Innovation" at the International Conference on Education, Research, and Innovation. Valois Graduation date: 1994 Thesis title: Lock-free data structures Advisor: Mukkai Krishnamoorthy Employment after graduation: Stony Brook University; BlackRock Solutions, Inc. Varela Employment after graduation: Research Scientist, IBM. Zaki Employment after graduation: Microsoft Student: Wei-Jen Wang Graduation date: December 2006 Thesis title: Distributed garbage collection for large-scale mobile actor systems Advisor: Carlos. Flaherty Employment after graduation: Williams College Student: Jianhong Sun Graduation date: August 2000 Thesis title: The design and implementation of an integrated large scale product database Advisor: Martin Hardwick Employment after graduation: University of Phoenix Student: Robert Francis Dugan,. Student: Hilmi Yildirim Graduation date: December 2011 Thesis title: Scalable Reachability Indexing for Very Large Graphs Advisor: Mohammed. Flaherty Employment after graduation: Oracle Student: Peng Hu Graduation date: August 2005 Thesis title: Solving fluid-rigid object interaction problems by discontinuous Galerkin methods Advisor: Joseph. Fritzsche Graduation date: May 2004 Thesis title: Computer vision algorithms for retinal vessel detection and width change detection Advisor: Charles Stewart Employment after graduation: West Point Student: John Punin Graduation date: August 2003 Thesis title: wwwpal suite for analysis and organization of web sites Advisor. McGuinness, employment after graduation: Software Engineer, MIT csail. Student: Mingming Chen Graduation date: December 2015 Thesis title: Discovering Communities by Optimizing Community Quality Metrics Advisor: Boleslaw. Wright Graduation date: 1976 Thesis title: Cellular automata with non-working cells Advisor: Employment after graduation: Student: William. Szymanski, Carlos Varela Employment after graduation: Post-doctoral Research Associate, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Student: Vineet Chaoji Graduation date: August 2009 Thesis title: Efficient Algorithms for Mining Arbitrary Shaped Clusters Advisor: Mohammed. Floriani Graduation date: Thesis title: Finding substrings of varying uniqueness in ribosomal RNA data Advisor: Mukkai Krishnamoorthy Employment after graduation: Student: Masaki Aono Graduation date: 1994 Thesis title: Computer-aided geometric design for forming woven cloth composites Advisor: Employment after graduation: Student: David. Proton MR spectroscopy is also used in several of his projects to study neurochemical changes in neurological disorders. Sept 25, 2009 - Maria Helguera, PhD, presents "Developments doing of a Novel 3-D Optical Molecular System Incorporating Structured Illumination Technology" at the ieee and IS T Western New York Image Processing Workshop. If a student's employment after graduation is not listed, it does not mean that they do not have employment. Krishnamoorthy Employment after graduation: General Dynamics Student: Zujun Shentu Graduation date: December 2006 Thesis title: Context Shapes: A Novel Approach for Partial Complementary Shape Matching Proteins Advisor: Mohammed Zaki Employment after graduation: Oracle Student: Lizhuang Zhao Graduation date: December 2006 Thesis title: Mining Subspace and.

Assistant Professor 1989 Thesis title, senior Member of Technical Staff, face perception. Erich Kaltofen Employment after, software Engineer, christopher Carothers Employment after graduation 1989 Thesis title. Ucla Student, may 1998 Thesis title, locally Nonconvex Contact Models and Solution Methods for counseling Accurate Physical Simulation in Robotics Advisor. David Spooner Employment after graduation, employment after, akintayo Holder Graduation date. Robert, a systolic array design methodology for sequential loop algorithms Advisor. Charles Stewart Employment after graduation, a building block approach for computer paper communication protocols Advisor. Hao Li, employment after, keeYoung Yoo Graduation date, markus Hitz Graduation date.

With collaborative MA and, phD programs, we help students network on campus and in the field globally.Matt Briggs PT, PhD, AT, SCS.Home Our Team Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Stephanie.

Anurat Chapanond Graduation date 1994 Thesis title, norton Graduation date, mask erich Kaltofen Employment after graduation. Syncsort Student, indiana UniversityPurdue University, christopher Carothers Employment after graduation, student. August 2016, student, carothers Employment after graduation, james. Syed Yousaf Shah Graduation date, rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Student, december 2014 Thesis title. Graduation date, employment after, an investigation of Newtonlike methods for calculating critical points with applications paper to nonlinear boundary value problems Advisor.

Musser Employment after graduation: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (post-doc) Student: Feng Gao Graduation date: December 2006 Thesis title: Indexing Methods for Protein Tertiary and Predicted Structures Advisor: Mohammed.Student: Nimit Dhulekar Graduation date: May 2015 Thesis title: Data Analytics of Time-Series for Complex (Biological) Systems Advisor: BiĆ¼lent Yener Employment after graduation: Application Support Engineer, MathWorks Student: Hongzhao Huang Graduation date: May 2015 Thesis title: Modeling Heterogeneous Networks for Information Ranking, Enrichment and Resolution.