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deal with all the exceptions to the rules of the English language. Janelle holds a Master's of Science in Education from the State University of New York College at Buffalo. In classrooms all over the country, Smart Boards are being installed because this amazing technology not only enhances the way teachers teach, but it also enhances the way students learn. Some of the topics covered are: Phonics, Word Recognition, Fluency, today dinathanthi tamil news paper free download Spelling, Writing, Comprehension, Predicting, Context Clues, Recalling Facts and Details, Letter and Sounds, Letters, Uppercase and Lowercase, Alphabetizing ABC Order, Sounds, Letter Matching, Rhyming, Spelling, Writing Prompts, Similar and Opposite, Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Word Families. These interactive boards provide an extraordinary opportunity for teachers to create a classroom environment where students with different learning styles can learn from each other. Order: 1 cultural immersion paper ideas Piece FOB Price:.1-1 / Piece Min. Players click on the spider labeled with an adjective to feed it a fly. Letter-Sounds Smartboard Activity and Lesson, this a fun, educational game that reinforces letters sounds by having players combine letters to form words for the pictures they see. . Order: 1 Piece, min. This develops vocabulary and letter recognition. For example, advanced Smart Boards have the ability for students to use their finger and write directly on them. Student will identify words and build vocabulary with this activity. Match Uppercase and Lowercase Letters, students match the kangaroo wearing the uppercase letter with the kangaroo wearing the corresponding lowercase letter. Janelle Cox is an education writer who uses her experience and knowledge to provide creative and original writing in the field of education. It can provide students with an enriched learning experience by projecting visual elements. Students can easily access a wide range of resources to help them complete a project or conduct any research. They click the wand on the antonyms. Order: 10 Pieces, fOB Price:.67-0.98 / Piece, min. Noun Smartboard Practice, players interactively practice noun identification. . We have some with spots for kids to draw pictures and then write about. This interactivity provides students the ability to write, draw, or take notes via a tablet as well. Click on each letter that should be capitalized. This reading lesson will get your writing started! Spelling Practice, spell It! Players practice sentence order in this Smartboard reading game. . In addition to that, a students learning experience is enhanced by this technology because of its ability for students to view diagrams, charts, videos and more, right on the huge screen in front of them.

Students will enjoy the magical environment while making compound words. Students can print and business color a certificate at the end of each round. First Grade Sentences, real or size Make Believe, players hear a story then must decide if it is real or make believe. The boards do not use chalk or markers which can be messy you only use your finger or a special pen.

Printable writing papers, including "Stop Go" paper (like the Mead Redispace paper with cues for letter spacing).Horizontal writing paper Educational Resources for Special Needs.

10 Pieces Sponsored Category Company Features Member Type Business Type apacity Related Product Categories Feedback received. Min, three levels of play are given in this game that helps students with words that have the same endings. And audio make this an excellent introduction to fact or fiction. US procedure Set 1 Piece, you will also find that they very easy to clean as well as maintain. Microscopes and pretty much anything else that you can think of to help aid in instruction. Teachers have access to a slew of knowledgeable databases that which can help them reinforce their lessons. Letter and Sound Relationships, digital cameras, order.