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Sample letter to a professor asking for phd position



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you can give. . In one of my classes, xxx, which was taught by Professor XXX, I had the chance to read your article, xxxx. Make the funding situation clear I know youre very busy so I appreciate any time you can give. Err on the side of formality! Thus, I am quite interested in the ongoing research program at your institute. I guided Steve for both his BS and MS projects where he published papers in top international conference about work in graphical rendering methods. I am glad that he wants to extend his research. I am eager to join your research group; therefore, I would appreciate if you could provide me any advice on this endeavor, wondering if there is any chance for me to be one of your PhD students. Here is what an email to a professor should look like: Dear Professor XXX, I am a student at XXX College with india a major in xxx. . First take some time to find out what kind of research the supervisor really. I studied the effect of radiation and nano particles on cancer cells during my thesis. Your work on xxx and yyy led me to think you might be a suitable supervisor. This is an instant-delete email. Sincerely, Dear Professor XXX, I am a student at XXX College with a major in xxx. Can you check-in with your professor after class or during office hours? Thanks very much, Sincerely, Dear Professor I. I did my thesis consulting the best professor in field of Power Systems Protection in Iran and also carried out some project cooperating with one of the superior researchers in Iran. Above all, your message should be easily readable. If so, usually you can get more info on the spot. I really enjoyed it, and it gave me many ideas for my future research. And if you are, if youd be willing to talk to me a bit more, by email or on the phone, or in person if I can arrange a campus visit, about my graduate school plans. . Thanks very much, Sincerely, XX XXX, why is this email good? . Anything larger, chances are the subject is better suited for an in-person convo (we have a sample email for this scenario below). Youre asking for your professors time, so your email should reflect a tone of gratitude. Sending a PhD Application Letter to a Supervisor. Whats your goal, i would like for you to supervise my PhD. In one of my classes, xxx, which was taught by Professor XXX, I had the chance to read your article, xxxx. . During this course, I understood that you are a prominent professor in the area. I recently published a paper F, which I believe compliments work by G in your department. Thanks for your time and also your attractive poems on your weblog, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Sample letter to a professor asking for phd position, Harvard school of education famous phd of early childhood learning

And inform me upon any probable position for the fall 2016. You dont need to be great at research there are further milestones to demonstrate that but you should be able to show that you have the capability of doing research. So I can pursue my studies under your supervision. My specific project will likely focus on xxxx. Best Regards Mohammadtaghi haj heidari Dear professor I am an MSc graduate student in medical physics test at Tehran University of Medical Science tums Tehran. Dear Professor Kelsky, hi, i found myself really interested in your research about the XXX and its promising prospects.

Hw 220 stb Sample letter to a professor asking for phd position

I would be grateful if you sample could take a look at the asking CV and let me know whether I meet the minimum qualifications for the project as well as whether you encourage me to apply for the position. Sometimes mailing the PhD students of the professor is more beneficial than mailing the professor itself. Make the funding situation clear, besides, i am a junior and will be graduating next May.