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can include relevant, subjective observations or comments, but do state that these are your speculations. no raw data such as tables of individual measurements. It does not provide explanation or justification homework for methods that were used. As a courtesy to readers, you may add a paragraph at the end, describing how you plan to proceed with your analyses. Were there complications that might have compromised the data? All registration and papers must be submitted through the cvent website. The analyses and discussion must be your take from what you have read and researched, and come in your own words. A good summary includes concise, to-the-point statements regarding the purpose, results (a statement about the methods of analyses may also be given here) and conclusions of the article in well-structured paragraphs. Label and paginate your appendices. There are all sorts of ways in which to write a good introduction. Our "rules" require that you write a single paragraph summary. It does not describe what you did in the laboratory, step by step. The study is in the past, and so any reference to the experiment, specific findings, decisions made, conclusions drawn, etc. This paper will cover the experiments of the second week of the course. As the name implies, it introduces the subject to the reader. In the introduction, state the purpose of the research study first, and then state the hypotheses that you are testing. Discuss your research findings in relationship to what is already known about the topic (reported in the introduction section). We avoid presenting rationale, detailed explanations, speculation, and excessive details on methodology. Summary data include error estimate (e.g., means standard deviations). See the presentation on CPR criteria for more details. See examples on the course's, web site! Format for the Research paper, the paper should consist of four basic sections as follows: Summary, a summary should not exceed 400-500 words. Conclusions, no more than a page, usually one or two paragraphs. Describe what is already known about the research last.

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For example, and instructor comments on your previous work. Students are to select the most appropriate field of research from the following six categories established by the jshs. It makes no sense to plot something that research does research not change. It provides sufficient information with which to permit a reader to reproduce all or any part of the methodology that was applied to the research project. Prepare a welledited figure as described in the graphing tutorial. Prepare your figure so that the reader can readily appreciate the differences in regeneration patterns between experimental and control cultures. For later papers you will increasingly be expected to apply the principles and practices that you learn through guidelines. The statistical techniques used to manipulate the data may have had limitations.

30, paper uses properly captioned graphs, models, maps, tables, etc., with relevant references.Research, paper : This is optional and adds up to 7 to your overall grade.

Not to be incorporated into your text. It is possible that, use the, in the text. But briefly, the purpose of paper a scientific investigation is to collect data to uncover truths about nature. You only describe it once, one doesnapos, you may not consult a paper written by another student for this assignment in this or any previous semester. T write, such as the statement, for example, introduction cert An introduction should present the rationale behind the study. Your hypothetical role is that of an investigator. Support your statements with statistics if applicable Address the objectives at the beginning of the abstract. Call for figures with captions and tables to be submitted on one or more pages following your text. The data strongly suggest or" Rules for submitting manuscript"" the paper must be prepared in 11 pt Arial or 12 pt Times New Roman font and stapled in the upper left hand corner if mailed. Completion of this form is a requirement to be eligible for the tjshs competition.

An obvious starting point is to address the question, "did the findings support the original hypothesis?".This section should be written specifically enough so that the research could be replicated if someone were to follow the steps.Materials and methods, a materials and methods section serves to document the methodology that was employed for a laboratory study.