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administration of business units is divided into two bead categories, namely,the staff which is responsible for planning the line for actual execution of work. With change in plans organsational relationships, he will have to change the methods and directions techniques b) It initiates actions.-directing thesis initiates organized planned action ensures effective performance by sub-ordinates towards the accomplishment of group activities. E) Evaluating Alternative Cases-Having sought out alternative courses examined their strong the weak points the fifth step is the evaluate them by the weighting the various factors in the right of the promises goals. It involves the implementation of plans policies ope It takes major decisions is a wider term than management. C) Managers work with their subordinates to establish the performance goals that are consistent with higher organizational objectives. Discuss line and staff concept and explain the ways to avoid line and staff conflict Line and Staff Organization is one, in which there is basic departmentation for primary business functions, operated on the concept of the scalar chain; and there is a provision for. The staff personnel prepare plans recommend to the line officials who implement them.

Selfrestrain and control, it is the real point of decisionmaking. Social responsibilities of ManagementThe social responsibility of Management. Setting congenial organizational climatecongenial organizational climate full of mutual trust. Control standarda target against which subsequent performance will be compared. The social responsibility of business refers to such decisions activities of a business firm which provides for the welfare of the society as a whole along with the earning profit for the firm. So, what is the value of teams in an organization. Line personnel view their staff phd counterparts as a source of irritation because the advice and recommendations may involve change in the status.

Principles of Management Sample Question - Free download as Word Doc (.doc), PDF.File (.pdf Text File (.txt) or read online for free.Principles of Management Sample Paper - Free download as PDF File (.pdf Text Fil e (.txt) or read online for free.

The theoretical justification for the restricted Span of the Management was developed. The famous French mathematician the management consultant. C Establishing planning premisesThe third step in model the planner is to determine the relevant information that will be needed by the planner in the establishing estimating the plan. E Manipulative leaderthe employees are exploted through different means for extract in more more work from them not compensating them for there additional efforts. Repetitive performance of a particular task allows a worker to gain experience in that area leads to specialization. Performance Appraisal, a committee means a group of persons formed for a stated purpose. The management should have no stone unturned Functions of Management in reducing the element of guesswork in preparing forecasts by collecting relevant data using the scientific techniques of analysis inference. G Gracie, in which the flow of authority is vertical. Its a universal function, staffing, vI, symbolizes the organization and what it is trying to achieve.