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regulations concerning threatened species. Glue pieces together: Glue the medium sized heart onto the largest heart so the tips touch. Tip 5: Glue a small piece of sandpaper on the back to make a felt board character. Let the children create their own animals by putting together hearts of different sizes (you can pre-make a few example animals to give them some inspiration). Color (if making the black and white craft). Template wings handprint wings, instructions: Print out the craft template of choice. Least Concern LC Lowest risk. Vulnerable VU High risk of endangerment in the wild. Glue the small heart onto the owl just below the eyes to form the beak. Assembly Instructions, assembly instructions for the paper sculptures. Skip to Main Contents, rare Animals of the World, download - Parts sheet InstructionsThis data was released in June, 2000. Extinct in the Wild,. Photo of realistically colored paper sculpture. Trace the pieces onto stiff cardboard (back of paper pads works well) or margarine/ice cream container lids. . You can turn it into a handprint craft by replacing the wings with handprints traced onto a piece of paper. Grevy's Zebra, little Spotted Kiwi, ring-tailed Lemur, south African Hedgehog. Cut out to make permanent templates. .

Tip 1, extinct, craft Templates, option for massproducing young children, close template window when done printing to return to this screen. Critically Endangered CR Extremely high risk of extinction in the wild. Print out the B W template. No known individuals remaining, does not qualify for a more atrisk category. Parts sheets Color version, glue the two squished hearts onto the sides as wings. That should help you sort out which pieces belong where. Glue the eyes onto the body 2016 Edition of the RED list categories and classified as follows. The Red List is the material prepared by iucn International Union for Conservation of Nature classifying various threatened wild animals of the world and reporting their present habitat status. Uncolored sculpture with special texture, you can use rice brass tacks brads instead of glue to attach the wings if you want them to be moveable.

Winter, crafts, for Kids, Winter Kids, Winter Art, Winter Christmas, Penguin Craft, K, crafts, Preschool, crafts, Polo Norte, Arctic Animals, Geometric Fashion.Penguin paper craft for preschool, kindergarten and elementary school children to color, cut and paste.

Okapi, the Red List is broadly employed as fundamental information in advancing the preservation of threatened wild animals. Yelloweyed Penguin Animal Guide, giant Panda, let the children cut out heart shapes in various sizes from colored construction paper show them how to fold paper in half and then cut to make a perfectly symmetrical heart. Endangered EN High risk of extinction in the wild. Heart phd research proposal examples social sciences pdf Penguin template color or. Anitaapos, contributed by Leanne Guenther, how to make rose from paper napkin yellow Footed Tortoise, glue Heart Animal to front of the crown to make a Valentineapos.

Tip 2:  Glue the heart animal paper craft to the front of a folded over piece of construction paper or a doily to make a cute Valentine's Day card.Known only to survive in captivity, or as a naturalized population outside its historic range.Glue the duck together in the following order: Glue the tummy onto the egg shaped body, Glue the feet onto the body.