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to make with your kids (either as a parent or as a teacher). What you need: our printable template (you can find it at the bottom of the tutorial) heavier print paper colorful paper scissors glue, optional: markers, ink pads, glitter glue. Here's a monochromatic paper weave using different shades of pink. Apply glue at the ends of each paper strip. Here is how to make the large paper basket. You can use a pair of craft scissors to create a more interesting border. This time you will work Topsy-turvy placing the disc on top of the cardboard tube. Weave more paper strips in an alternating pattern until no homework pass penguin your paper weave is full. Cut paper strips that are at a minimum the width of the paper base. In reality it looks like a fish made of shiny brocade. Once dry, fold all the strips towards the center and crease them. Flip the whole square weave. Very effective!.and here is how I made. The mini gift basket is made of curling ribbon and is constructed differently, but I still used a cylinder to form. Homage to the Square is perhaps his most famous series of paintings;. Try not to stick it to the cardboard. Jamesina Goulbourne Gem: Author. Polypropylene curling ribbon, thick card, paper, wide Sticky tape. Cut colored paper strips. Leave the top backing of the tape covered until you are ready. If your first paper strip goes over and under across the slits, the second strip should go under and over the slits. But we will stick with symmetrical for simplicity. Puffy paint (also called 3-D paint) was used to decorate the border with African-themed symbols and patterns. If you liked this project be sure to check out other paper cutting projects here on Babble Dabble Do: Paper Lace Mobile and, flower Power Wall Decals.

Make sure to pull the paper over and under alternate slots with each new layer to create a mental woven texture. This time a cardboard inner tube of a kitchen role came in handy. Or mini gift basket to give to your family and friends. Put the container in place and gather all the paper strips stormtrooper and secure them against it with an elastic band at the top. We tried basic paper weaving with bold colored paper and some catalog pages recycled from a design mailer. Work in this way until you are about 1 inch from the end. Weave the strips of paper between the cuts you made on the fish.

Filed Under: Art for, kids, Printables Tagged With: art projects for kids, kids activities, paper crafts, paper weaving, weaving for kids.How about a KKC original fish with paper weaving for its scales?Here are two card designs to inspire the kids.

Do not remover the backing from the other out 2 sides yet. More Ideas, push the woven strip to the top and start with another one. Education, so dont leave them out, if you are the adventurous type you can experiment with more complicated asymmetrical shapes. And graphics, redyellowgreen for a Cinco de Mayo or Mexicaninspired weave.

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Once you have completed that part, start the paper weaving.Fold the excess length of each strip inwards and press to glue them in place.Cut contrasting color strips and weave each one around the container, in and out of the vertical strips.