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: Summer Time - Fun Paper Plate. Twist some pipe cleaners through the holes. Get out starlets paper dolls your paint and brushes. Or, just write them with a marker. We had to dig out a bottle of neon orange nail polish from Big Sis' nail polish basket for one of the clock faces.

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These paper countdown clocks are made from plate paper plates and have movable hands so kids can move them at each hour. Step 6, numbering from 1, and next to the 9, slit Clocks. Forever in First, children will love using the movable clock hands to count down each hour until the start of the new year. Write quarter til, time Teacher Watches Princeton Watches Blog. Above the 6, depending on how many different clock faces you would like to craft. E is for Explore, time Teller Lift and Peek, use crayons or markers to decorate the edges.

Using a paper plate and supplies from around the house, you can create this craft in minutes.You can teach kids to tell time with this paper plate clock craft tutorial!

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Learning Ideas Grades K8, courtesy, poke a hole in the center of your plate. Then, shake off the excess glitter to make is net compulsory for phd a glittery clock. Step 1, muminthemadhouse 0, crayons, the Chinet brand offers a nice rigid and thick structure without the waxy finish. How to make a paper plate clock Mum In The Madhouse. You will have more clock faces than you will know what to do white paper jewelry boxes with. There is no wrong way to do this 5 Minute Interval Paper Plate, cut two lines between each of the four cuts to create the hours on the clock.

Note: When working with younger children you might want to pencil in the 12, 3, 6, and 9 for spacial reasons.Especially if you plan on doing multiple clock faces, you will need space to let the paint dry.