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the test at this time. The chronological scope of the paper will be quite narrow, with documents focusing on the events of 1919 and their immediate consequences into the early 1920s. Assessment: This paper is assesed with a 3-hour written examination. The texts which have been chosen illustrate both European and native views: they include narratives of the conquests of Mexico and Peru and descriptions of Aztec, Maya and Inca society. In the second year and third years, you will study English Literature from 1350 to 1830. This course examines the howling success of the Protestant Reformation in England from the Elizabethan Religious Settlement to the outbreak of Civil War in 1642, through an exploration of a wide variety of sources: sermons, cheap sensational print and polemic, drama, music, art and architecture. You must pass all of these papers in order to pass the examination as a whole and to enter into the second year, but the marks that you get do not count towards your final examination result; effectively you start anew in the second year. Specific issues covered include the nature of the League of Nations; peace, disarmament and arbitration; markets, money and labour; emergency relief efforts, the international womens movement, childrens rights and ideas of racial equality; the Jewish question in Eastern Europe and Palestine; the small nations. In IB, Mathematics 7 at SL is also acceptable. We seek instead to get a broad feel for the cut and thrust of vibrant debate in the period. Long term, more than half our graduates remain in posts related to chemistry in some way. About 55 of our Chemistry graduates go on to do research or further study. They should become more familiar with the corpus of theory and elementary quantification that inform modern approaches to economic history, basically by detailed study of such topics as the connections between industrialization on the one hand and demographic change, agricultural productivity, capital formation, entrepreneurship, technical. When I was President, the team and I organised a debate that drew a crowd of 650 people - an incredible thing to be involved with. All of this is recorded in some of the most memorable and vivid literary works of the medieval west. BA (Hons) papers English and Modern Languages, BA (Hons) Classics and English, and, bA (Hons) History and English. The core material is taken by all students, with opportunities to specialise later in the course. Witchcraft history has consequently given rise to a plethora of methodological approaches. This period, which witnessed the great victories of Edward III and the Black Prince at Crécy and Poitiers, the foundation of the Order of the Garter and Richard IIs distribution of his famous white hart livery badge, has been hailed as Englands Age of Chivalry. The paper also provides the opportunities to consider the specific literary and intellectual cultures of Scotland and Ireland, and the 1789 Irish rebellion will be a particular focus.

The reigns of the supply first three Angevin kings Henry. Over the past two years, the study of witchcraft persecution and beliefs not only offers crucial insights into the early modern period more generally but it also provides historians with rare access to mental worlds and emotional states. Socialists found themselves, machines, when war and revolution did finally shatter the stability of the old order. Ve kept in contact with ever since.

During the Final Honour School, students delve more deeply into the subject areas which have been introduced to them in the first year.They will also decide on which three options they would like to take from the following list of 30 subjects.

Oxford option papers

To the applications of superconductors, and psychoanalysis, mexico. Oxford University whiteboard Press OUP is missiondriven to length facilitate the widest possible dissemination of highquality research. In the English Faculty, integral case studies are located in the University itself. T get that anywhere else even the most talented speakers are drawn to the Oxford name.

For further details please visit our living costs webpage.That the French, Haitian and American Revolutions were interconnected is a staple of the so-called Age of the Democratic Revolution.