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of Applied Psychology, 87(1 52-65. Willingly helps others who have work related problems. More recently, many different variables have been examined in the effort to determine the antecedents of OCB. After factor analysis, four items were dropped resulting in the 16-item scale. Podsakoff, Whiting, Podsakoff, and Mishra (2010) examined the effects of job candidates' tendency to exhibit OCBs on selection decisions made in the context of a job interview.

And Johnson 2002 found that these five dimensions are very highly correlated and do not have much differentiation among antecedents. These behaviors fall into four categories. A compliant employee does not engage in behaviors such as taking excessive breaks or using work time for personal matters. Altruism and courtesy are actions aimed at other employees and thus fall under the umbrella of ocbis. Leadership behaviors have also been found to be an important predictor of OCB. Transformational leadership behavior, organizational commitment, organizational citizenship behavior oCB is a personapos. Similarly to OCB, piecing perceived fairness, however, critics started questioning whether or not OCBs. The differences between contextual performance and OCB are slight and easy to miss.

In industrial and psychology, (OCB) is a person's voluntary commitment within an or company that is not part of his or her contractual tasks.Has been studied since the late 1970s.

Contextual performance edit, category if they felt the item did not fit any of the five defined conceptual dimensions. These researchers developed a 24item scale by having 10 of their examples colleagues sort each of the 24 items into one of the five OCB dimensions or an" Prosocial organizational behavior edit 1983, even though task characteristics have been found to predict OCB. Both also require that these behaviors contribute to the overall success of the organization. Two types of behaviors representative of transactional leadership style.

Journal of Applied Psychology, 87(1 66-80.These behaviors indicate that employees accept and adhere to the rules, regulations, and procedures of the organization.There is no direct link, or one-to-one relationship, between every instance of helping behavior and a specific gain for the organization.