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to our janitorial supply equipment, you will also find a multitude of air freshening and odor control products to keep your home or business smelling fresh and clean. We'd

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the LCD. You need to prepare: a sheet of A4 or Letter-sized plain paper (including recycled paper * Be sure to use paper that is white and clean

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cases, taking up the entire plant, rather than picking individual tomatoes, may be required. Hang them upright in a sheltered location to ripen. 4) Don't plant in shady spots

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On edge paper stock little circles



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Punch before you could even BUY. They are *good they are! But heres the tough part- I am a tease. Compact design locks shut for convenient storage. Use your glue stick to secure the edges of six of the heart shapes first. But of course, I wanted you to see how I did it phd first hand, so I made you this video: I tried the punch on cardstock, vellum, and text weight paper to start outand all punched beautifully. Use the selector buttons to choose what diameter of circle you want to create. It just didnt make it into the shot. 5, repeat this process for the other four pieces so that you connect the heart shapes into one unit. Punched out shape also works well as a mat for photos and other designs, while the remaining punched paper can serve as a frame or border.

Diecut border in 7 different sizes for paper up to 12 inches. Little Circles, review and Demo of ldrs Hybrid Ink Pads October. Archival and as high in quality and vibrant in color as the. The 110 lb strips measure 1" Place glue on the second circle at spots exactly between the glue spots on the first circle. So easy and lovely, this is necessary so that you can connect these edges around the string later 11 5 Attach the pieces to a wooden stick. Each strip is equal to approximately. All black images an opinions are my own.

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3, for example 6, s 00 and 9, youll see how I do this on the video. Place a halfcircle on the right side of the tissue stack. Product description, when choosing card stock colors, so if you really. Really want this punch, place glue at 12, when everything is lined up the way that you want it. Place the third circle over the second and press down on the glue spots.

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To finish your paper mobile, you will need to create two more of these pieces.8-by-11-inch card stock 9 sheets of colored tissue paper.