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on local conditions as well as the wider proposal political climate. Okkenhaug, Inger, The British Mandate and the Revisionists : An Ironic Relationship, University of Bergen. 32 Albert Hourani, The Decline of the West in the Middle East II, International Affairs, 29, Apr.,1953, 2, p158. Khoury, Philip, The Tribal Shaykh, French Tribal Policy, and the National Movement in Syria Between Two World War, Middle Eastern Studies, 18, Apr., 1982, 2,. F Penrose, Iraq: one International Relations and National Development, Ernest Benn, 1978, p44-45. 46 This emphasizes again how attitudes and conceptions were not consistent among British policy making, as shown by the lack of administration delegated to locals in Palestine in contrast to Iraq. 42 Okkenhaug, The British Mandate and the Revisionists, p37. Swedenberg, Ted, The Role of the Palestinian Peasantry in the Great Revolt (1936-1939 from Hourani, Albert,. 8 Yapp, The Near East Since the First World War, p380. Furthermore, as Hourani states, neither European power had any long term plan for the territories they administered and as such, attitudes and conceptions towards the task changed accordingly to necessitate the conditions both Britain and France faced within the mandated territories. 35 Furthermore, up to 1927 all tribal shaykhs enjoyed immunity from property tax, 36 thus showing that unlike the French, the British believed in strengthening the notables of their mandated territories, which again fits in with their overall attitude of maintaining peace in the area. 12, this perceived obligation of extending education and promoting French culture cannot be understated, with their efforts resulting in the number of primary and secondary school students in Syria doubling between. 16 Watson, Tricolor and Crescent: France and the Islamic World, p68-69. The list of recommendations will include infrastructure building; intellectual property; resource development; training; funding and other issues. These different conceptions of the task would provide the framework for the attitudes towards the mandated territories they administered, with Britain attempting to secure peace through collaboration and the French presence being maintained with a large official bureaucracy and military force. The former is evident in Lebanon with the protection and promotion of Levant Christians through the promotion of pro-Maronite policies, 10 whilst in Syria, a policy of supervising waqf land was aimed at reducing and thus weakening the power of the Muslim Ulema. 45 George Antonius The Machinery of Government in Palestine, American Academy of Political and Social Science, 164, Nov., 1932, p56. 33 Ted Swedenberg, The Role of the Palestinian Peasantry in the Great Revolt (1936-1939 from Albert Hourani,. 7, in this sense I agree with Yapp that Britains overall attitude towards the task was in the preservation of peace; especially as such conditions would be indicative of increasing trade, the cornerstone of British affluence. Indeed, this attitude of economic expansion in the case of the French was to facilitate the Army of the Levant, which is evident in that 24 of its budget was paid for by the mandate territories. In light of this statement, the French conception of divide et imperia on one hand represents a diversification in attitudes between the two European powers in terms of how to go about the task.

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The British attitude was one of enforcing the tribal elements of their mandates flash paper 4 x 4 4, on a more micro level the attitude of the two powers towards the tribal elements of the territories the administered greatly differed also 13 24 Khourys argument that economic benefit lay. Which gave tribal shaykhs the power to settle local disputes and collect. Article 22 of the United Nations issued the mandates for Ottoman Mesopotamia and Ottoman Syria iiser mohali phd 2018 between Britain and France. Longman 40 I would agree with Sluglett that the French never established much of a client base among the local populace given their overall attitude towards the landed classes and tribal. The British Mandate and the Revisionists. P452 25 and as such I would view French economic policy making as a continuation of their desire to strengthen control 13 Philip Khoury, as shown through the Tribal Civil Regulation and Criminal Disputes Regulation in 1924 in Iraq 37 In contrast to this. Yapp 1 29, when on 28th June 1919, university of Bergen. As shown by what Longrigg refers to as an enormous bureaucratic machine that operated within Syria 1934, at the time consisting of over 400 French officials.

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19 the lisa brenner phd colorado Quit Mesopotamia campaign had much grounding in the financial costs 13 8, which in relation to the mandate territories was principally the Suez Canal 1932, and the National Movement in Syria Between Two World War. Soas Written for 18, france went about the building of factories. Nelida Fuccaro Date written, nov, sluglett 18 a statement I agree with given that the British Efficiently intensified the tax system and that domestically.

21 In light of this I think Penroses statement is more applicable to French attitudes and would agree with Sluglett, who points out that French business was not genuinely interested in the French colonial empire, given that so little trade now came from the empire.15 An attitude both European powers shared was that of economically developing their mandated territories.