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doesn t even touch on this dark moment in US history. In this 90 days he set up a special committee to supervise wages and prices. The events of that day seem ibm smart grid white paper like they could never take place, but in all actuality the heinous acts were very real. Feelings of rage overcame him as he started to mutilate these civilians, "the shooting did take a load off my conscience for the buddies we had lost. As everyone knows, Vietnam was the most controversial war the United States has ever entered and people at home did not support the decision or the soldiers at war. Rob Ridenhour, an Army veteran (although he was not in Lieutenant Calley's platoon wrote a letter to several members in Congress, telling them about Pinkville. All three concurred with their stories, which reinforced Ridenhour's allegations. The closest that they come to my topic is the eight pages about the Vietnam War. The My Lai massacre and the feelings of contempt and rage that these soldiers had could be directly correlated, because none of these soldiers would have done something of this atrocity in their right mind. My Lai is a small village located on the coast of Vietnam, near the South China Sea. On December 13, 1969, the Secretary). By the time of the Pinkville incident, the platoon had been there a little over a month without relief and feelings of hostility were running high since many of Calley's men had been lost due to the land mines. It was just revenge, that's all ". This made it public and the.S. It would have been more if it weren t for Hugh Thompson who flew over in his helicopter and reported the massacre to his officer. An interesting twist is that the orders to slaughter the inhabitants of the village had come from a commanding officer higher in the chain of command than Calley, possibly even higher in the chain of command. If it wasn t for this assignment I would have never realized about this event that should have been in my history book. The memory of this tragic day is forever etched in the memories of many Vietnamese. In his letter he reported testimonies he had received from three of the soldiers that were under Calley's command that day. My Lai Massacre, in March of 1968 Lieutenant William Calley entered an area termed "Pinkville" by army officials because "it was particularly troublesome and seemed to be infested with booby traps and enemy soldiers ".

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Older men, the soldiers of the Charlie Company. And 20th Infantry lashed out and brutally killed unarmed and surrendering villagers in the hamlet of My Lai practice 1969, the officer then told the Charlie Company to abort their paper mission. He was charged with murder of 22 civilians. Michael Terry, women were raped and children were shot. One month later The Washington Post did a survey about how Americans felt about what had happened in Pinkville. S orders, the My Lia Massacre Even after they killed them they even went a step further by mutilating their bodies by carving C Company into their chests Patrick.

The My Lai Massacre is an event that will be forever imprinted on our hearts.When one hears about My Lai, they must remember what happened, and the heinous cover-up of these events.

Meadlo followed Calleyapos, t The My Lai massacre shouldn t have ever my lai massacre research paper occurred but unfortunately 100 s of massacres just like this one have happened just never been reported or put out for the public to know. Scared for their own lives, on charges of murdering 109 South Vietnamese civilians" The following massacre should have never happened and the event s that followed the massacre are typical of any American wrongdoing. S my lai massacre research paper orders while the others who had been assigned to watch the civilians wouldnapos.

And the National Liberation Front.According to eyewitness reports offered after the event, several old men were bayoneted and praying women and children were shot in the back of the head, and at least one girl was raped, and then killed.