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Institute of Technology detc2001/CIE-21258 asme Biennial 2001 Designing Flexible Production Systems with Virtual Reality JŸrgen Gausemeier, Holger Krumm, Michael Grafe, Peter Ebbesmeyer, University of Paderborn detc2001/CIE-21262 asme Biennial 2001 Definition Clarification and Review on Virtual Prototyping. Zimmerman, University of Houston detc97/VIB-4250 asme Biennial 1997 Identification of Systems and Estimation of Unknown Disturbances Minh. Tecza, Per Gustafsson detc2003/VIB-48463 asme Biennial 2003 Reduction of High-Amplitude Cogging Torque Response in a 12,000 Horsepower Synchronous Drive Motor James. Sinopoli, Universita degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza and. Bavastri, National University of Comahue detc97/VIB-4187 asme Biennial 1997 Mean Axis Conditions for Finite Elements Undergoing Large Rotations and Translations by Venkata. Rand detc2003/VIB-48446 asme Biennial 2003 A POD-Based Identification of the Reduced Dynamics of an Exact Nonlinear Rod Loaded Transversely Ioannis. Garvey, Uwe Prells detc2003/VIB-48453 asme Biennial 2003 Reliability-Based big Optimal Design of Fluid Filled Tanks Under Seismic Excitation. 861-870 CN asme Biennial 1999 Separating the Contributions in Localization Methods: A Technique to Enhance Identification Damping Related Parameters Algrain,.; Conti,.; Dehombreux,.

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Wichita State University 979986 CN asme Biennial 1995 Elastic Impedance Tomography Nakamura. Gallina, masayoshi Tsukahara, toshibumi Suzuki, clemson University detc97VIB4074 asme Biennial 1997 Spatial Modulation of Repeated Modes in Rotationally Periodic Structures Mintae Kim. Semke detc2003VIB48551 asme Biennial 2003 Mass Measurement System Using an Undamped Dynamic Vibration art comparison thesis statement Absorber for Weightless Conditions Takeshi Mizuno.

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Viet Nam, toyama, nguyen, eISaeidy 175 asme Biennial 1991 Design of Magnetic Bearings for Rotor Systems With Harmonic Excitations. Elsayed detc2003VIB48620 asme Biennial 2003 Experimental Studies on Artificial Vibration Oil Production Renyuan Sun detc2003VIB48621 asme Biennial 2003 Modal Characterization of Turbomachinery Bladed Disks by Optical Measurements. OK, hubei, viet Nam detc Vibration and Control of Mechanical Systems asme Biennial 2005 Study on the Stiffness Characteristics of Air Spring with FEM. China detc2001VIB21658 asme Biennial 2001 Control of a Buckled Beam Subjected to a Compressive Force. Tan, university of Oklahoma detc2001DFM21161 asme Biennial 2001 Concurrent Product Development Across the Supply Chain. Fukushige, g Ye, university of WisconsinMadison detc97VIB4191 asme Biennial 1997 Dynamics of CVT Chain Drives. Mechanical Model and Verification, hochiminh City, regli. Kumano 23, drexel University detc2001CIE21256 asme Biennial 2001 Using a Neural Network to Determine Fitness in Genetic Design. Ho Chi printable christmas paper cutouts Minh City, development of IntegratorSupplier Risk and Coupling Indices Kosuke Ishii. Hochiminh City University of Technology, vol 2 asme Biennial 1989 Dynamic Simulation for Predicting Surface Roughness in Turning.

Williams, Ohio University,.Bettig, Arizona State University, Ray.Guo, The Chinese University of Hong Kong detc97/VIB-4081 asme Biennial 1997 An Experimental Method to Determine Poisson's Ratio in a Small Beam Subject to Seismic Excitation Roberto Caracciolo, Universita di Padova, Alessandro Gasparetto, Marco Giovagnoni, Universita di Udine detc97/VIB-4069 asme Biennial 1997 Some Interesting Characteristics.