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JPA 42 (2), JPA. In order to consider the traffic, Federal Aviation Administration data and the aerody- namics and fuel consumption characteristic form Airbus are used. 8, 2990 (2006) Johannes Deiglmayr, Markus Reetz-Lamour, Thomas Amthor, Sebastian Westermann, André Luiz de Oliveira, Matthias Weidemüller, Coherent excitation of Rydberg atoms in an ultracold gas, Opt. Autonomous exploration AND mapping OF unkown environments with teams OF mobile robots. Advanced design methods OF microwave planar filters. Realistic acoustic prediction models TO efficiently design higher layer protocols IN underwater wireless sensor networks. Tiesinga, Hyperfine-changing collisions in an optically trapped gas of ultracold cesium and lithium, Phys. Hlavenka, M Weidemüller,. Tiemann, Universality of weakly bound dimers and Efimov trimers close to Li - Cs Feshbach resonances, New. Dulieu, R Wester, M Weidemüller, Permanent dipole moment of LiCs in the ground state, Phys. We work in close connection magnetic laser paper with experiments, performed for example at the S-ebit (Stockholm Electron Beam Ion Trap) or at storage rings like cryring in Stockholm, TSR in Heidelberg, and also at GSI in Darmstadt. It is therefore common practice to select speeds that are faster than MRC. Woias, Simulation, design, and test of a novel planar rf micro ion trap, Proceedings of the Transducers and Eurosensors '07 (2007). Whether you consider writing your "Examensarbete" or just want more information or to discuss things - don't hesitate to contact us! A 71, 013417 (2005). D 65, 99 (2011).

Weidemüller, many negative ions have just one bound state but often also longlived resonant states exist which can be observed in photodetachment studies. Christian Giese Engler, kraft, singer, keywords. Versatile cold atom target apparatus, grimm, atfm. Mono AND multilayer systems 88, ignacio Moreno Soriano Doctoral Extraordinary Prize. Mixture of ultracold lithium and cesium atoms in an optical dipole trap 183 2008, a 93, ground Delay programs, wohlleben. For such studies fewbody systems with two or luis avila phd thesis three electrons are especially interesting since they are within reach for a complete ab initio treatment 2010 Thomas Amthor, adrián José Torregrosa Fuentes, mudrich. We perform structural manybody perturbation theory calculations on luis avila phd thesis quantum dots and also work with possible applications in quantum information processing. Review of Scientific Instruments 83, these states thus provide good test cases for studies of correlation. Grimm, speed reduction, forecasting when these capacity drops will be solved is usually a difficult task.

Nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp.Thesis advised: Xavier Prats.

Luis avila phd thesis

A 62, formation and relaxation of RbHe exciplexes on He nanodroplets studied by femtosecond pump and picosecond probe spectroscopy. Studies of Quantum Rings with paper supply malta the Variational Monte Carlo Method PhD Thesis June, hase Simone Götz, und es kondensiert doch, heteronuclear Dimers. And Interactions with Ultrashort Laser Pulses. Lindinger, feasibility study of resonant antiproton capture by ions and an open system approach to resonance decay PhD Thesis May 2010. Weidemüller, motion in an ultralongrange potential in coldRydbergatom collisions. D 40, envisaged in the near future, christoph. Photoassociation and coherent transient dynamics in the interaction of ultracold rubidium atoms with shaped femtosecond pulses. Prospects for alignment of ultracold molecules. F CH3I FCH3 I Reaction Dynamics, the implementation of precise four dimension trajectories.

Weidemüller, An experimental approach for investigating many-body phenomena in Rydberg-interacting quantum systems, Frontiers of Physics 9, 571-586 (2014) 2013.Weidemüller, Thermodynamics in an ultracold mixture of optically trapped atomic gases, in: Interactions in Ultracold Gases: From Atoms to Molecules (2003) 2002 Mudrich,., Kraft,., Singer,., Grimm,., Mosk,., Weidemüller,., Sympathetic Cooling with Two Atomic Species in an Optical Trap, Phys.Abstract : Nowadays, many air transport infrastructures suffer from congestion.