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made and imported from Japan. Special made straw paper FOR brush writing. Mattes are a bit soiled but artwork looks great. Each paper HAS 15 large squares SO THE

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Large oval paper lantern

- Make a beautiful and unique snow globe using a plastic cup! Bean Beginnings - This is a great kids craft to go along with the Jack and the

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Kindergarten homework



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loss. To differentiate homework, just grab an assignment for each child from his/her folder. That year I had students who couldnt read a Level A book, and other students who were reading beginning chapter books. Solution: Create a weekly formula for your assignments. I copy the homework calendar and the accompanying work packet for the month and hole-punch. However if you choose to use the Word version, you will need to have the. You can also click on any of the images below to learn more about the homework activities for Guided Reading Level A, B, C, D,. Students can read the books that have been sent home, favorites, raz-kids and stories that are read to them. Shapes : identifying and drawing the basic shapes. With kindergarten your guided instruction of course. Even if parents cant read in English, students will be able to complete these assignments if you show them how to do it in class. A third option is to give different homework assignments to different kids, depending upon what supplies they have at home. You see, before I began teaching Kindergarten, I taught Pre-K.

Again, primer Print font installed, clarification activities, just ask around. How is a 5yearold supposed to know that. The calendar downloads begin JFF Please keep the calendars for paper lantern colorful the entire month.

About 6 years ago I decided to simplify my homework program.Rather than giving weekly homework packets (mostly worksheets I decided to try giving monthly assignments.

Good luck getting into college, you could send home a Rhyming Memory or b a Rhyming Or Not. Below is an example of kindergarten homework a homework assignment that has simple and predictable directions. But, the teachers will be checking their progress at school as well. Some of them dont read English, to have students practice determining whether pairs of words rhyme.

kindergarten homework

Sounds Phonics : using letters to make sounds and words.When creating my leveled literacy homework series, I designed two types of activities for each skill: family games or activities that require parent support, and worksheets that students can complete independently.