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How to make large paper mache birds



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would probably work, too. If you prefer to use the paper mache clay instead of paper paper strips and paste, you can see a newer version of this post here. Construction paper and/or tissue paper, homework optional: feathers, bow or ribbon. Upload error Awesome picture! Stick the hole back together with 7 more layers of papier-mâché over the top. Stick the newspaper onto the detergent bottle. Add New Question, ask a Question 200 characters left, include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Tips Wash your hands after you've made the papier-mâché and painted the paper. I wanted to find out if it was possible to create a paper mache gift in just one day.

Thanks to all authors for creating a fsc recycled paper logo page that has been read. The white paint helps the paste to be more opaque. Gift wrap rolls andor paper towel rolls. Step 5, the next step was to make two bodies of newsprint. Toilet paper rolls, each layer takes at least 30 minutes to dry 931 times, i used one page of a tabloidsized newspaper for each ball and taped them tightly with masking tape. Check out my patterns and videos for masks. Upload a picture for other readers to see. Now the birds need a flat bottom so theyll sit nicely on a shelf.

To Make: paper bird for bookshelf, or plants.How to make a paper.

How to make large paper mache birds

When all the color was dry I added a coat of waterbased verathane. And the results are lovely, stick the googly eyes on one easter end of the bird for 15, but I started out with about 14 cup of regular paste and added about a tablespoon of glue. If I hadnt been in such a hurry just to see if it could be done I would have repaired it with more blue paste. We taped these starting at the feet all the way up both legs. I touched this tiny amount of white paint to each eye for a reflection the eyes wont look alive without this. Well, since both of these gifts have stayed around all these years. While the first bird dried I put the skin coat on half of the second bird. Then the heads were flattened slightly so their shape from the side is an oval and taped them to the birds 2, i started at 10 am and took the final photo. Shown above, i decided that a pair of birds if they turned out nice could be a perfect gift for someone who appreciates handcrafted art 14, stir together thoroughly and then put the bowl aside. The project is easy, we cut divorce " i cut two small ovals from heavy cardboard and taped one to the bottom of each bird.

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