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Humphrey visual field machine paper

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How was paper made during the renaissance

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3d paper art for walls

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How to make a paper puppet of a man



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to the top aqa past papers english literature gcse higher of the bags flap. Cut each arm out. Allow extra length at the top to use as a glue tab later. Once you cut it out, crease the extra length to create a glue tab. Sit behind a couch or some other tall object and lift the puppets over the top of the couch. Then, with each ear facing up, apply glue along the extra strip and stick that to the back of the bag, behind the flap. There is just something about the flapping of the wings. Once you cut it out, apply glue along the top with your cutout facing. Draw the upper lip on the flap, along its lower edge. Tape a piece of string inside the head cup, run it down to the torso cup and tape it on the top of the torso cup. Unanswered Questions Ask a Question 200 characters left Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Cut strips of desired length and glue them to the body of the bag. Cut the strap and glue it at the bottom of your butterfly hand puppet. Fix it to the body of the bag. Fold the arm where its elbow should be to create a crease.

If you have the right materials at home. Take a few moments to sign up for the Family Crafts Newsletter. Start your first row papers along the bottom of the bag language rather than the top in order to avoid having to lift layers of yarn to glue underneath them.

Depending on the materials youve used for the bag itself, use paint, construction paper, and/or fabric swatches to match the arms to the puppets design.With each arm facing up, apply glue to the extra length at the shoulder and stick the glue tab to the back of the bag.First, cut out a green rectangle that is the size of the bottom of the paper bag.

Black maker, circle punch, outline clothes and color them, for animal puppets of reptiles and fish. For people, then glue strips of ribbon along the collar for an eyecatching trim. For the nose, or glue either an appropriately sized pompom 4 or a small piece of putty sculpted into compare paper currency usa and col a nose to the bag. The cup you use for the torso should be much larger than the other cups. This one is my personal favorite from the series although others are pretty cool too as its wings flap magnificently as you move your butterfly puppet up and down in the air I really.

For the bottom row, apply glue to the back of the cutout.For fish puppets, use the same method to create a dorsal fin.