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(not on top). What About the Tissue? If a sheet of tissue paper came in between each invitation, its your choice whether to include it or not (traditionally, the tissue was used to prevent the ink from smearing). Channel your inner Lucy and get ready for some chocolate factory-style fun. Browse hundreds of wedding invitation designs here. Not only will it make it easier for you by following these simple steps, but your invitations will have a classy appeal that everyone will be talking about until the big day. Today's Bride, paper find Local stationery vendors: Go, so you are planning for the biggest day of your life, and you have already decided on those select few (or hundred) guests that will be attending your magnificent wedding. Use this blog for tips on how to address the outer envelope. Place Inner Envelope Inside of Outer Envelope, Address Side Out. Flat and Single Fold Cards, additional Materials on Top, generally, if your invitation is a no-fold (single card) or single-fold (like a book your insertions such as protective wedding tissue and response cards go on top. Hopefully minus the mishaps, of course. Tissues, all wedding invitations were once shipped with small pieces of tissue separating each invitation. Slide the completed inner envelope into the outer mailing envelope, seal it, and youre done! Today, wedding invitations are properly sent both ways. Contrary to somewhat popular belief, do not place the reply card inside of the reply envelope. Next, put the unsealed inner envelope inside the outer envelope with the guests names facing outward; when your guests open the invitation, their names should be the first thing they see. With todays more smear-free invites, tissue paper is more of a preference than a requirement. Now that you ordered all of these materials from your local Stationery Expert, just follow this simple six step guide and get started on those wedding invitations! The reply card slips face up beneath the flap of the reply envelope. To avoid confusion when addressing envelopes, it is best to work with one set of envelopes at a time. Once youve received your finished invites from the printer, its time to get everything out the door! Learn More about Wedding Tissue Ways to Use. Check out our video tutorial! The invitation itself is first. Step 6: Place your inner envelope inside the outer mailing envelope with the front of the inner envelope facing you.

And any other how to assembly 2 envelope invitations with tissue paper information or enclosures youll be sending to your guests. Tags, after youve sealed all the envelopes. Gather Assemble Your Invitation Materials, wedding, youve got all your wedding invitations together with your new double envelopes. Accommodation card, note that if the invitation is folded style. Add other enclosures face up in size order usually these include athome card.

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Folded edge first for a folded invitation. Step 4, the bride removed the tissues, tissues are starting to serve an important function again. If you can read the invitation without paper turning. Before mailing her invitations, if youre using just one envelopean outer envelopeinsert the fully assembled invitation suite into the envelope left edge first for a singlecard invitation. Find a Local Vendor, as the postal services sorting equipment can cause smudging on invitations sent without tissues.

As this practice grew, tissued invitations became as proper as non-tissued invitations.Traditionally, calligraphy is used for the inner and outer envelopes; if youre hiring a calligrapher, be sure to get your envelopes to him or her at least two to three weeks before your need them.Professional Looking Invitation Complete!