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most organized notes in the world, but they wont help you if you cant read your own writing. Make sure not to write on the scratch paper before the exam begins, dont write on anything other than the scratch paper youre given, and remember to return all scratch paper to the test administrator when youre finished with the test. This paper difference between the style of the test and the time management strategy it requires is one of the main differences between the GRE and the gmat. This should be fairly obvious, but only write on the scratch paper, not anything else in the testing center, such as the table or computer. #4: Dont Try to Leave With Any GRE Scrap Paper After the Exam. This is extremely important, because you will have some unanswered or marked questions during the test, and you may have already done some rough work to those questions during the first attempt. Imagine you have just read a long RC passage, and the answer options to the questions are long sentences that take time reading and understanding. You should make an answer grid just like the one below on every quant and verbal question you come across on the test: A, b C, d E, this method has proven to be extremely useful to students, especially during the verbal section. Wondering how your GRE score is calculated? Most students underestimate the importance of the scratch paper on the GRE exam. This section starts by given tips applicable to the entire exam then goes into how you should use scratch paper for each of the three main test subjects. Its easy to start reading one of these passages and forget what was discussed at the beginning by the time you finish. Practice makes you perfect! For example, you could mistake a 7 for a 1 and mark the wrong answer even when you knew how to solve that problem.

Including a calculator for the Quantitative Reasoning section. You can use the paper as a ruler. At the end of the algebra tutorial we showed you how to portion off your scratch paper so as to minimize confusion. Where you are asked to find the distance of side. And what not, youapos, write Down Your Work Youll have access to an onscreen calculator for the entire Quantitative Reasoning section. Learn what a good score on the GRE is and get price study tips on how to reach that score.

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The GRE is a computerbased test. Yes, and putting the question number next to those notes so you can easily identify them 6, but why do you need a scratch paper robert barro phd students in the first place. The pencil is mightier than the pen, look and feel, dont begin using your scratch paper until the test has started and you see a timer on the screen. Dont worry about taking things to the center by yourself.

We've written a eBook about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your GRE score.Key Points to Remember About GRE Scratch Paper Scratch paper is allowed and encouraged on the GRE. .