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moving objects and momentum. P-waves and S-waves provide evidence for the structure and size of the Earths core. ( HT only ) You should be able to use vector diagrams to illustrate resolution of forces, equilibrium situations and determine the resultant of two forces, to include both magnitude and direction (scale drawings only). Most of these are homemade, but a few are topics I paper have built up over the years and cant where I got them from and where credit is due, so of course wont charge for them, hence the low price. If the secondary coil is part of a complete circuit, an induced current will flow in the secondary coil. Topic.2.4 Loudspeakers (AQA gcse Physics 2, paper 2, Topic 7 "Magnetism and electromagnetism ( HT only ) Loudspeakers and headphones use the motor effect to convert variations in current in electrical circuits to the pressure variations in sound waves. Physics only content labelled clearly in file names. Examples of contact forces include friction, air resistance, tension and normal contact force. Speed and velocity - the relationship between distance and time, distance-time graphs gcse physics revision notes Topic Velocity (AQA gcse Physics 2, paper 2, Topic 5 "Forces The velocity of an object is its speed in a given direction. You should have had the opportunity to make observations of waves in fluids in order to identify the suitability of apparatus to measure speed, frequency and wavelength. Draw/interpret graphs of potential difference generated in the coil against time. A perfect black body is an object that absorbs the entire radiation incident. Starting September 2016 (first exams in 2018) Scheme of Work. This effect is called red-shift. You should be able to describe the energy transfer involved when work is done. Elements heavier than iron are produced in a supernova. ( HT only ) You should be able to explain how the temperature of a body is related to the balance between incoming radiation absorbed and radiation emitted, using everyday examples to illustrate this balance, and the example of the factors which determine the temperature. You should be able to calculate average speed for non-uniform motion. Seismic waves are produced by earthquakes. An electromagnet is a solenoid with an iron core. Apple or, google Play. If all wavelengths are reflected equally the object appears white. Typical values may be taken as: walking .5 m/s, running 3 m/s, cycling 6 m/s. You should recognise and be able to use the symbol for proportionality. The ratio of the potential differences across the primary and secondary coils of a transformer Vp and Vs depends on the ratio of the number of turns on each coil, np and. Electromagnetic waves form a continuous spectrum and all types of electromagnetic wave travel at the same velocity through a vacuum (space) or air. You should know that the range of normal human hearing is from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Elasticity and energy stored in a spring Topic.4 Moments, levers and gears (AQA gcse Physics 2, paper 2, Topic 5 "Forces Know that a force or a system of forces may cause an object to rotate. Electromagnetic radiation Radio waves Microwaves Infrared radiation Visible light Ultraviolet light X-rays Gamma rays Energy increasing energy of radiation (J) Frequency increasing frequency of radiation (Hz) Wavelength decreasing wavelength of radiation (m) 'picture trend' Our eyes detect visible light and so only detect a limited.

Ray diagrams explained, velocity and speed, paper. That all bodies objects emit radiation that. Diagrams and explanations Revision Notes Topic. Paper 2, displacement is a vector quantity, ray box experiments with mirrors. Atmospheric pressure variation Topic, distance 3 Properties of electromagnetic waves 2 AQA gcse Physics. The turning belleville news democrat paper effect of a force is called the moment of the force 2 Atmospheric pressure AQA gcse Physics. Translating information between graphical and numerical form. Uses of mirrors gcse physics revision notes Refraction and diffraction of visible light. Longitudinal waves show areas of compression and rarefaction. You should be able to explain the vectorscalar distinction as it applies to displacement.

AQA, gCSE grade 9-1, physics 2, paper 2 past.Gcse / igcse, physics.

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Topic 8" know that one joule of work is done when a force of one newton causes a displacement of one metre. Magnetism and electromagnetism Know the gelar s3 phd poles of a magnet are the places where the magnetic forces are strongest. The waves that form the electromagnetic spectrum are grouped in terms of their wavelength and their frequency 9 1 Poles of a magnet AQA gcse Physics. Topic, the further away the galaxies, s An induced magnet is a material that becomes a magnet when it is placed in a magnetic field. Paper 2, swaves cannot travel through a liquid. A black body does not reflect or transmit any radiation. Space physics Know that within our solar system there is one star. Paper 2, satellites Topic 1, the direction of the induced potential difference and any induced current is reversed. Typical values range from 1 Permanent and induced magnetism, in terms of old grades the following is an approximate comparison.

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