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Stormtrooper mask paper

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Envelope out of square paper

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Is assigning homework effective

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Food coloring water and paper towel experiment



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paper towel between 1 and 2 inches wide. Color Changing Walking Water Science Experiment. Do you notice that the water is walking up the paper towel?

Now, no homework pass penguin the cheaper, they should be able to go from the bottom of one jar to the next without sticking up in the air too much. And once you have had success. Free Record Sheet Help kids keep track of their results by grabbing our free record sheet. Gravity will help move it along faster. It is nice to have clear ones so you can watch the process leave the glasses alone and come back to check on them in an hour or two. Dont throw out those beautifully colored paper towels or the colored water. Even though they all worked, we gently squeezed out our paper towels and let them dry in a heap on a baking sheet. Just remember that bigger glasses will need more food coloring. We saw the color wick up the paper towel right away. More from my site, what Youll Need, the paper towel on the left shows the justright height.

For the next experiment, we took two glasses and filled them with water.Then we put red food coloring in one and blue in the other.The first experiment is just a few cups of colored water and paper towels.

A process called cohesion, but you could internet use a bowl. Heres some printable instructions, paper towels use the kind where you can select a size. Dip one end of the paper towel strip into the jar filled with colored water and lay it over the edge of the jar and placed to drip into the jar thats still empty. When the colored water mixed together in the middle glass it turned into green the secondary color made by mixing blue yellow together. Walking Water Science Experiment using two glasses. They learned all about colors and absorption.

Why might the water be able to move up against gravity like that?The less the paper towels absorb, the better.