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of how to fold your paper so thick, it's as wide as the Universe. Lets start with the investigation of the reality of the 7-fold concept. Disclaimer: mid-day and its affiliates shall have no liability for any views, thoughts and comments expressed on this article. Take a look: Then in 2012, students at,. Its just that the people who accomplished the feat used a lot of paper! In January 2002, Britney Gallivan, then a junior in high school, folded a 4,000-foot-long roll of toilet paper to prove that 12 folds were possible (note that she used single-direction folding, given the long, narrow nature of her paper; my class had been using multi-directional. So how many did you manage with the folding project? Heres a video of the Mythbuster team debunking the 7-folds only myth. For all those who didnt know this, times there are plenty of people who argue that you can only fold a piece of paper in half a maximum of 7 times. At 103 folds, you will get outside of the observable Universe, which is estimated at 93 billion light-years in diameter. It is highly unlikely, however, that you would have managed 7 or more folds in the piece of paper. But let's get back to reality, and the number of folds we can conceivably make on Earth. So wtf just happened? This seemed plausible, because it seemed to hold up to all the testing a room full of savvy eight-year-olds could manage. See also: Folding Space-Time Using a Music Box. Mathematics students from a school in UK have broken a paper-folding record by completing 13 folds. Things go perfectly fine until we get to that infamous seventh fold. 81 folds and your paper will be 127,786 light-years, almost as thick as the Andromeda Galaxy. But thanks to an American high school student, Britney Gallivan, we now know that paper can be folded more than seven times, but not much more - Gallivan currently holds the world record for paper-folding at 12 folds in a single sheet of (toilet) paper. That accomplishment definitely deserves some applause, and there was more to her achievement than bragging rights! As Thomas Amidon, a professor of paper and bioprocess engineering at suny's College of Environmental Science and Forestry, told Mary Beth Griggs at, popular Science, the most likely explanation for the sad demise of the pressed paper wasn't the cellulose (wood) fibres it's made from. "Amidon thinks that there was enough of the substance in the paper that when the high load of pressure from the hydraulic press was applied to the small area, the stress was just too much for the mineral, and it collapsed." "It failed like. This thickness goes on increasing exponentially, as does the height of the paper.

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She also provided an equation that yielded the width of paper or the length of the paper necessary to fold a piece of paper in a single direction. Watch the footage above to see the strange phenomenon in action. Massachusetts visited MIT to attempt 13 singledirection folds. Why Is It So Difficult, s an old myth that you canapos. They used a piece of toilet paper that was 10 miles in length and the process took 7 hours to complete. And soon requires impossible amounts of energy to finish the crease. This substance is added into the paper mix at the mill to make the finished product more opaque cloth and paper blog and stiff than it would be if composed of just wood fibres.

But he was using the jumbo toilet paper rolls with his students.Marks School in Southborough, Massachusetts to try to beat a paper folding record set by Britney Gallivan in 2002.

Too thick to fold further, there have been many instances of about people breaking the barrier of 7 folds. The one which got a lot of coverage was a group of students from 2, and news an awful lot more time discussing them. The paper roughly doubles in size when it is folded each time and the sides become more rounded that makes it harder and harder to bend.

The final result was.5-metre wide and 76-centimetre high wad comprising 8192 layers of paper.What's more, she did this after deriving a paper folding theorem (yes, it involves pi) that allows calculation of maximum folds based on paper thickness, length, and/or direction of folding, and accounts for the loss of usable paper at the edges due to the rounding.Go ahead, give it a try.