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(doesn't matter what side you do first) down till you stop about 3/4 of the length of the paper. Step 3: Fold the Two Creases. Paper, scissors, pencils, sometimes glue, etc., and the desire to create! Check out the measurements and be careful when you cut the paper. It's forbidden to print, sell and use them international affairs phd scholarship for any marketing or promotional purposes. Youâll need glue to connect the sides. After you do that, take the little ed flap of the square and push it to the corner. I personally have always been a fan of DIY gifts, greeting cards and various wrapping options: cute illustrated wrapping paper, envelopes and boxes (or maybe Iâm just lazyâ canât bring myself to leave the house and go to a shop like an adult). The two sides will have to be pulled in a bit to make sure it reaches the top of the bottom fold. And it can be used for cards of any size! If you don't know what I'm talking about than look at the picture. I prefer craft paper or patterned designer paper, which isnât too thick - otherwise it will not fold properly. Then, you need to push the top point of the whole thing and fold it under the flap we just made. This envelope design requires some glue. Next you need to take the little triangle in between the two other triangles (the triangles that used to be squares) and fold. Source(s Mommiedearest 10 years ago 0, thumbs up 0, thumbs down, comment, asker's rating). Step 8: You Are Done! Do the same with the other corner until you get two nice creases. But you need the following: time, all the necessary materials,.e. The top would be the part you would fold down to close the envelope. But letâs talk envelopes. Best Answer: One thing I am not sure of would be the size of the paper you will use but to make it square, fold the bottom to the middle of the paper, then both sides in to the top of the bottom that was.

out When you do everything yourself, you donât need any glue, it really makes it special or so I believe. Step 6, step 7, use my illustration to find out how to make this any size envelope. Step 2, step 5, making the Initial Folds, you can use these designs if youâre making a greeting card yourself. The result thoughâ itâs gorgeous, this is the final step, poke the Top Through.

How to Make an Envelope.Homemade envelopes can add a personal touch to any card or letter.

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The whole process is psychologically immensely rewarding. Furniture Contest 2018, draw the outline of your card on the back side of the piece of paper and make sure that the halfmoon âwingsâ measure half of the side of your square writing see the picture. These are the four designs I use to create envelopes for my masterpiece greeting cards that will soon find their lucky owners. Fix It, next, next, i hope this helps, contest. The lucky person who receives this gift feels utterly blessed to have you as a friendrelative. The Little Squares, you fold the bottom corners of the fold we just made into a triangle. Step 4, this envelope looks professional when done right.

Lingvistov doesn't allow to use them without the link and the written consent of the artist.I have drawn some cute illustrations for you so that youâll find it easier to make your own envelopes.Square envelope #1, this is one of my personal favorites!