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a good paper using only hemp. But the combination of hemp and kozo or the other materials creates strong paper. Except for those three main materials, we also use hemp, bamboo, wood pulp etc. Washi (Japanese hand-molded paper) made from fibers of plants such as kozo (paper mulberry) and mitsumata exhibits excellent durability, perhaps even up to 1,000 years of use. When they landed, they only found a vast swamp, which made it difficult for them to settle. Its fine fiber creates thin paper with strong luster. There are now about 70 factories that use either handmade, industrial, or processing methods, with about 500 people working in Washi related jobs in the Imadate area "Goka". The bark of each kind is used for making Japanese paper after the long processes to take out of its fiber. Ichibei Iwano and, shohachi Yamaguchi, of course, try to use pure Japanese materials because the quality of paper can be very good. Fukui-han was a territory known as a fiefdom in the feudal government system of the Edo Period, and there Japan's first paper money was issued in 1661. As a result, they went to the surrounding mountain valleys to live. And someone once told me there were wild gampis around here but they are rarely seen now. Imadate Town in Fukui Prefecture is known as the heartland of Echizen washi ; paper has been made in the area since ancient times, and the name Echizen washi was cited in a text dated AD 774. Home Echizen Washi Page 1 of 1, browse: Named for the old name of Fukui Prefecture, a very famous paper-making area in western Japan; Echizen Washi is a special collection of paper with a sheen. . Wood pulp : It is the cheapest material but its fiber is very short and the paper made only from wood pulp is very weak). Legend has it that about 1,500 years ago a woman taught people in this area how to make paper with the natural materials from special plants for washi called Kozo, because she had sympathy on them since they did not have any rice fields. Gampi : It is difficult to cultivate gampi, so wild one is collected. After the WW2 cultivating hemp became widely forbidden in Japan, so hemp from Manila is used frequently here now. Since the fibers that compose the paper are of uniform length of about 1 centimeter (0.4 inch the paper looks as beautiful as it is tough. Traditionally kozo has been used for hosho paper and the paper for woodblock printing, ink painting and calligraphy. They say she might have been from Korea or ound that period, writing conference paper quickly there had been many people from China passing through Korea to bring their techniques to Japan, which later became the present Japanese handcrafts. These locations are the origins of where pottery, lacquerware, knives and Washi (Japanese traditional paper) are made, according to some studies. Echizen washi is a fine example of papers made by hand using traditional Japanese paper-making techniques. We would like to try to introduce Japanese Paper "Echizen Washi" as an attractive culuture to overseas. Address, papyrus House 8-44 Shinzaike-cho, Echizen City, Fukui phone:, udatsu Paper Craft Museum 9212 Shinzaike-cho, Echizen City, Fukui phone:, paper Culture Museum 11-12 Shinzaike-cho, Echizen City, Fukui phone: fax.

The princess has been enshrined as a paper goddess with two local gods in Okamoto Otaki Shrine. But the paper makers have not paper lagged behind the times. Upriver princes" and today more handmade echizen Japanese paper is shipped from Echizen district than from any other part of the country. In addition to traditional products, mitsumata is used for fusuma, calligraphers. It has long been used for papermaking in Japan. And have also moved into totally new areas. Such as paper deodorizers that take advantage of the absorbency.

Echizen paper is known as the highest quality Japanese paper, manufactured.Reihoku province of Fukui prefecture.

Forking into three in Japanese, t producerice, whereas the stto others used to make paper only in winter when they didnapos. People who plant kozo or mitsumata are getting less and less because most of the papermakers here use imported materials for much lower cost. So that mitsumata sometimes can be used for its alternative method because of the similar qualities. Or feudal bills, i heard Gampi is very expensive, highquality Paper Handmade for Official Use. But it is veryunusual to see an area like Echizen only making paper through all the year. Due to the fact that Fukui was one of the main locations Koreans could first land on naturally with the strong tide of the sea. Echizen Washi no Sat" is made from three main materials. This area have been producing Japanese paper since 6th century and constitute" The Royal family sometimes uses Echizen Washi to announce their babys birth with their names. There used to be lots of paper villages every where in Japan.

Here, there are many old people interested in Echizen Washi history and keep studying with the old documents by themselves.Because gampi is relatively resistant to insects, it is used for paper that requires high keeping quality.I heard my boss's father grew mitsumata and I've seen the traces in the backyard of the mountain.