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collage Step 1, take one sheet of gray paper and fold it in half, then fold it in half again. If you are in a rush, or just want to make the hat extra sturdy, use tape when necessary. Make sure that you create a clean crease. Print, then cut out the template. Separate each side of the fringe and poof it up until it is a little ball. Place it in front of you with the short side facing you. Click here to share your story. Take the top of the paper and fold towards you creating two equal halves. Then paste to the base. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. Black marker, double-sided tape, red glitter, scissors. Step 3: Put the tab into the slot. Paste fabrics on the side. Fold it over making sure that the edge of the paper follows the crease youve just created. Now do the same with the left corner. (ps: I think this is pretty straightforward but Ill try to answer any questions in the comments below.) party hats crepe paper diy fringe paper ribbon templates. I usually make my own because it is surprisingly hard to find party hats in normal colors. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. 11 Open up the bottom. After taping the edges together, youll have a triangle piece ies left over. Method 2 Fashioning Your Paper Cone Hat. If you want to make your hat more secure, you can tape the two sides you just folded. You should have a nice creased line down the center of your page.

Step 2 1, to make the fringey ball on top. Get a half sheet of newspaper. You can bend the fringe to cover the staple. If I do happen to find them in the colors I like then I still spruce them up with my own fringe or flowers. Embellishment, place it with the flat side to the side of your head and you have a deli dinner hat. Once you have your hat then its time for the fun part. Let them color their names in and personalize their hat however they want. The size will vary based on the print size of the newspaper you are using. There should be a crease down the center from folding it horizontally and then unfolding diy paper cap hat 2, if you are making these hats for a birthday party.

Make small cuts all along the side to add texture. You can either fold the paper or not. Put the string through the hole at the top of the hat and secure the tails with a piece of tape on the inside. Place it with the flat side forward for a pirate look. Take the fringe doubling or tripling it up and then staple it to the edge of your hat. Tumblr, everyone claims to love, scrap paper, but what are we really doing to show to prove. Shark Week, write each childs name on their hat in big colorful letters. Or any other arts and crafts materials you might have at home. Step, cut it out when youre manufacturers finished.

Shop our shark chic pieces!If you want to size the hat to fit a smaller or bigger head, fold both sides of the hat in by an inch or so (depending on the size you want before you fold up the bottom flap.I did a post on this a few years ago ( here here ) but it is high time for an update.