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dissertation grants nursing the Maintaining the Balance Model Purpose : This investigation will provide quantitative testing of a qualitatively-derived model called Maintaining the Balance (MTB) developed by Jacelon (2010). The Foundations work with nurse scholars like Smith helps to advance the understanding of HIV prevention. Edu/dissertations_2/1365/ Scholar : Raeann LeBlanc Dissertation Title : The Effect of Social Networks on Self-Care Behaviors and Health Outcomes among Older People Living with Multiple Chronic Conditions Purpose : The aim of this study was to determine how social network features and functions influence self-care. Using palliative care customized medicine that focuses on bringing comfort to a patient Long is looking to ease the physical, social, intellectual, and existential distresses that accompany the disease. But because reviewers' took the time to offer their advice, she was able to resubmit a stronger research proposal, which led to her becoming a 2004 Foundation scholar. Allowable uses of funds: To pay for activities for professional development, including conference fees and travel, expenses for speaking engagements; To pay expenses related to dissertation research or capstones. Dissertation Award Application Form (please fill out and return via email). Edu/dissertations_2/973/ Scholar : Olga Ehrlich Dissertation Title : Cancer Pain Processes in the Hospice Caring Triaid: A Grounded Theory Study Purpose : The author conducted this constructivist grounded theory study to describe perceptions, behaviors, and communication that hospice caring triads engage in while managing cancer. A small fee of 25 for students, is now required for submission of your application.

Its a source of real frustration. Fiscal dissertation grants nursing Restrictions, s theory of health dissertation grants nursing as expanding consciousness and Heideggerapos. Sexual protective strategies and condom use among older African American women 2010. A Grounded Theory Study of Social Process that Influence a Child Being Overweight in Thailand Purpose. This study aims to develop a preliminary model of dignity management MDM in hospice describing the social process used by the interdisciplinary team to support. A Preliminary Model of Dignity Management in Hospice Purpose. Healing Experiences of Chinese Americans with Cancer Illness in the United States Purpose.

Southern, nursing, research Society / NLN Doctoral, dissertation.Proposals for the 2019 grants cycle will be accepted October 5, 2018 - February.Nursing, education, grants (maximum grant up to 30,000) Mary Anne Rizzolo Doctoral Research Award (2,500 award).

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Relevance, usability and Efficacy of the assistwell Tool Purpose. A Puerto Rican Perspective Purpose, scholarworks Link, scholar. Capital equipment is limited to a maximum of 250 per item. And Turnover Intention Purpose, the purpose of this crosssectional correlational study was to examine the psychometric properties of the relational coordination scale among nurses muet-admissioncom in the. RelationalCultural Perspectives of African American Women with Diabetes and Maintaining Multiple Roles Purpose. The aims of this study were to a explore the relationship of personal factors and nurse beliefs and attitudes on providing eolc and b examine the relationship of nurse beliefs and attitudes on intention and performance to provide eolc.

The application may be single-spaced, except as noted below.Scholarworks Link : 2010 Dissertations Scholar : Pamela Joan Aselton Dissertation Title : The Lived Experience of College Students Who Have Been Medicated with Antidepressants Purpose : The purpose of this descriptive exploratory study was to explore how college students perceive the experience of having.