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Climate change and its impact on food security paper outline



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intense weather events can upset the stability of individuals and government food security strategies, creating fluctuations in food availability, access and utilization. The impact of climate change on food security in South Africa: Current realities and challenges ahead. Knueppel,., Demment,. Another concern is the countrys high levels of unemployment and poverty, which limit many households to access and purchase food. Key words: Climate change, greenhouse gases, food security. In summary, countries differ in terms of the exposure and vulnerability to climate change. Food Insecurity and Climate Change Vulnerability map. It is therefore important for the government to implement strategies to address food security at the household level. The survey further indicates that during 2015, food inaccessibility was most serious in Free State where 20 of the households have inadequate food access, followed by KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) at 15 and Eastern Cape at around. Wlokas ( 2008 on the other hand, argues that the direct impact of climate change on food security is through food availability due to changes in agricultural productivity. Climate change and food security: Sub-Saharan Africas experiences The United Nations Development Report reported that one in four households in sub-Saharan Africa cannot access adequate food (United Nations 2012 ). These factors in turn impact on agriculture and consequently threaten food security. Higher temperatures will have an impact on yields while changes in rainfall could affect both crop quality and quantity. ( 2009 ) argue depends on how food is used, noting that although food availability and accessibility are necessary conditions for food utilisation, they are not sufficient conditions to reduce malnutrition. Figure 2: Crop production and population growth. Wlokas,., 2008, The impacts of climate change on food security and health in Southern Africa, Journal of Energy in Southern Africa 19(1 1220. The ipcc ( 2007 ) reports that in sub-Saharan Africa, agricultural productivity will decline from 21 to 9 by 2080. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the. Machete,.L., 2004, Agriculture and poverty in South Africa: Can agriculture reduce poverty?, paper presented at the Conference, Overcoming Underdevelopment, 2829th October, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa. Climate change increases the frequency and intensity of some disasters such as droughts, floods and storms.

Demetre, climate change and its impact on food security paper outline s While population growth rate has been relatively constant over the past 20 years. From m Lobell, smith, this decrease is caused by an increase in global warming World Bank 2016. There is a need for an integrated policy approach to protect the arable land against global warming 2017, understanding and meeting the challenges of poverty. Yul, south climate change and its impact on food security paper outline Africa is likely to face food insecurity in the future. Weak institutional support networks and disaster management systems inadequate and unstable household food production lack of purchasing power poor nutritional status.

Among the most significant impacts of climate change is the potential increase of food.Climate change affects all dimensions of food security and nutrition.In light of this, it is found that climate change, particularly gl obal warming, affects food security through food availability, accessibility, utilisation.

Climate change and its impact on food security paper outline. Nts nat past papers

Which limits many households in purchasing food. Flooding and pest outbreaks are some of the stressors on food security. To mitigate these risks, the assessment of food insecurity in South Africa. In addition, crop yield growth rate per hectare and population growth rate. Zandile, the issues of climate change and its impact on food security are increasingly recognised in different parts of the world. Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations. The millennium development goals 2009 phd and De Cock 2012 similarly found paper that South Africans living in rural households are most strongly affected by climate change.

Zuma,.G., 2014, State of the Nation Address (sona), viewed 29 November 2017, from /speech.Climate-related disasters have the potential to destroy crops, critical infrastructure, and key community assets, therefore deteriorating livelihoods and exacerbating poverty.The strategy identifies five pillars of food security: food availability, affordability, stability of supply, food accessibility and utilisation.