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the current layout viewport by double-clicking anywhere within its borders. Not sure what type work everyone on here does, but I really have no concerns as to what my Model looks like, all of my final work is shown through the viewports. For example, you can restrict the display of dimensions by freezing the dimensions layer in all new viewports. You can freeze or thaw layers in current and future layout viewports without affecting other viewports. If you create a viewport that requires dimensions, you can override the default setting by changing the setting in the current viewport. In the illustration, the layer showing terrain has been frozen in one viewport. In the Layer Properties Manager, select one or more layers to freeze or thaw. Rename the new layer. So why not work from a layout with multiple viewports? Under VP Freeze Layer, you will find a new option which is used to viewport-freeze the layer in all viewports except the current one. 12:08 AM #1, login to Give a bone 0, freeze layer in Model space viewport. Ozor, how come you can't freeze layer's in a model space current viewport? Freeze or Thaw Layers Automatically in New Layout Viewports. Changing the default for new viewports does not affect existing viewports. Thawing the layer restores visibility. Reply With", 11:23 AM #2, login to Give a bone 0, re: Freeze layer in Model space viewport. A lot of people do not realize this because when used in the model space, it simply freezes the layer completely. The first part is an oldie but a goodie; the second is new to AutoCAD 2012. Reply With", 10:14 PM #4, login to Give a bone 0, re: Freeze layer in Model space viewport. Tipster, hayden Clarke shares a tip with us about using viewport layer visibility controls in AutoCAD. To freeze or thaw layers in the current layout viewport.

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Hold down ctrl to select more than one layer. AutoCAD 2010, to create new layers how to write a hypothetical research paper that are frozen in all viewports Click a layout tab. AutoCAD Architecture 2015, autoCAD 2018, autoCAD 2011, the easiest way to freeze or thaw layers in the current viewport is to use the Layer Properties Manager. AutoCAD 2013, autoCAD 2019, autoCAD Architecture 2014, then you can thaw the layers in the viewports you specify. You can view different objects in each layout viewport. When working in 3D design it would be nice to be able to turn off a text layer or others in certain viewports in model space. I know for 2010 in subscription Autodesk released some routines they call Advantage and in there is a command to Hideobjects. Maybe even more solutions will result. And also Unisolateobjects, autoCAD Architecture 2016, autoCAD 2012.

Freeze or Thaw, layers, automatically in New Layout Viewports You can set visibility defaults for specific layers in all new layout viewports.For example, you can restrict the display of dimensions by freezing the dimensions layer in all new viewports.

It controls how your objects look when displayed. Tips, not only can you freeze layers in a viewport. Click a layout tab, as already stated, to freeze or thaw layers in paper space. System Variables No entries Utilities No entries Command Modifiers No entries Please send us your comment about this page.