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traced the extra portion separately. Just a quick post today to show you these mod podge wooden letters that I did for the Grandkids room Ive been working. I was nearly giddy as I ripped off large, long chunks of paper. It doesnt smell yucky. As much as I hated taking down wallpaper, there are few things in life that are more satisfying than scraping off a huge chunk of wallpaper. I should also note that I was not working on a wood surface. Mod Podge also acts as a sealer atop your handcrafted creations, so it can be used to seal the decoupaged surface as well. Remember this: and this: Yes, I have had some Mod Podge woes, but, like the true Taurus I am, Im not going to give. To add a color background to your project, paint the wood with an acrylic paint first. Mod Podge offers a variety of formulas. Spread a thin coat of mod podge on the wooden letter with a paint brush or sponge brush and lay your cut out letter on carefully starting at one end. I am now left with a nearly back to normal, giant 1980s frame. I wanted to try fixing the mirror first because its a more significant piece of decor than the tray. Let it sink. Adding a kids name to the wall is a perfect way to personalize a room, but over at my parents house Im designing a room for all of the grandkids so getting 4 names up on the wall would be too much. Smooth the paper down as you go so that there are no air bubbles. Its not something Im interested in reliving. Scissors, mod Podge, video of the Day, sand the areas of the wood you wish to decoupage using a fine-grit sandpaper. I got still bigger chunks of paper to come off with the glass cleaner and now I was starting to have fun. (Visited 57,957 times, 1 visits today). Painting Stripes was the first project that we did cant wait to show you the whole room next week! Place the item on the base, smooth it down, and let it dry for 15-20 minutes.

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Then spread another very paper thin layer of mod podge over the top. Ve glued all your items down. If working with a curved piece of wood or over the edge of a flat surface. However, please pin it, this time with instructions and different paper. Wrap the paper to follow the contour of the wood. This did seem to leave behind more of the Mod Podge residue than either the vinegar or the glass cleaner.

How to Mod Podge Paper to Wood.Mod Podge is a product that works as a glue and sealer.Many people like to use it to apply paper to wood.

Can you modge podge paper. My lai massacre research paper

Im thrilled to have you and would love to hear your comments and questions along the way. Would be the dish soap and water combo. Like matte or glossy, water and Dish Detergent some craft paint, select mache a Mod Podge finish that best suits your project. One at a time, then, on images to the Dish Soap and Water.

Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the base item with a foam brush, then cover the back of your paper or fabric item with a layer.House Tour before and after pictures.Its not a particularly good window glass cleaner, so I didnt mind using a fair amount of it in this experiment.