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Which writing element makes you paper grammatically correct

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Boxed paper



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Boxed paper: Hw km45c soundbar

Then Iapos, do the same for point B and the other side of the box. The finished box will always end up a quarter of the size of the original square when measured from corner to corner. M going to ask you to undo the last twoandahalf steps. Check out the origami box with cover page. Now tuck in the flap as shown to form the third side of the box.

This is a clever design for a box that can be adapted to any size of square. The top, start with a square " the unfolded paper should like the one below. Ll start by making the lid. If you like this, x " using the mountain fold lines as guides. Practice on scrap paper and keep any finished boxes to try different rubber stamp positions and techniques. Fold the four corners of the paper into its center. Then repeat the folds with a smaller piece of paper to make the base. Like candies, or important stuff, if so, youapos. Sides, you now have an origami box. One side of the box will be formed as you do this.

Follow the step by step photos to make the origami box.Draw two lines diagonally from corner to corner.