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ink from running, and to maintain the materials integrity in case of friction and product handling. Your water bottle is now ready to be kept cold in the fridge or in an ice bucket! If long-term quality is a must, film-based labels would be best. Below are some material options to consider so you can get a better idea of what to do with your water bottle labels. (I left the tape connected to the roll at this point but you could go ahead and cut it.5 inches if you have a ruler handy.). the upside: Besides being totally cute and completely customizable to match any partys theme? Once you have your label ready, you will need to cut a strip of the adhesive paper slightly larger than your personalized label. Have some Con-Tact Adhesive paper left over? Then peel off the backing from your adhesive paper. Those are the water bottles for our daughters 2nd birthday party. If youre going girl to ice down your fancy-labeled water bottles, youll either want to have your files printed professionally (or, um, maybe pay a visit to that lonely printer up on the 4th floor that no one ever uses) or use already-designed paper (like scrapbooking.

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Personalize your water bottle labels from my Editable Party pack and print on regular cardstock or photo paper how to write a paper download pdf if thats what you are using for the rest of your designs. Leaving 12inch of tape at the end. The health communication phd online decorations for the rest of the party were done so I easily converted one of the other pieces into a water bottle label. Measure 8 x 2 when trimmed.

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If you use your home printer. Scissors, now that you have far cry 3 paper planes a clearer picture of preprinted roll labels. You can protect your personalized water bottle label without detracting from the getting into a phd graduate program psychology look. Amazon, we designed the labels in Inkscape.