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someone in complete darkness. Physical Scars, Psychological Scars : Sensui is covered in scars to point usps out how utterly insane. He eventually finds a book the should tell him how his powers work. In Red Alert 3, the Japanese Empire has Emotionless Girl Yuriko Omega, who in the normal game can lift up ground objects like soldiers and tanks, destroy buildings by ripping them apart, pull aircraft out of the sky and send a shockwave to kill infantry. It is justified due to the fact that a Mirror is formed from the magical Twilight for the specific purpose of redressing imbalances in the power structure of the magical Others, and once that goal is accomplished, it ceases to exist. Even if they weren't the favorite prey of the Chaos God of Squick, letting psykers run loose in their city would be a very bad idea. T-Z Talking in Your Sleep : Despite sleeping heavily, Yusuke still reacts accordingly to things that happen around him. Just put on the Fierce Deity Mask that you just recently restored using the innate temporary healing powers from the newly reawakened Triforce of Courage within you and due to the new Hylia like qualities Navi bestowed upon you, become a righteous god of terrible. The tardis is also able to telepathically translate for him and his companions, as well as doing it in such a way that companions don't even notice that's what it's doing, although some of the cleverer ones have pointed it out this ability is linked. In the manga this fight is never shown and is implied to be the usual delinquent behavior from him, but in the anime the fight is shown, and he started the fight only because the gang he was fighting was harassing (and possibly threatening. Among humans, one in a thousand displays any telepathic ability at all, and most of those aren't strong enough to do much more than make the test go "ping". Stealth Mentor : Hiei and Younger Toguro have aspects of this. A favorite example of fans is in the Myotismon Saga/Arc where Gabumon and Agumon are magically able to unlock their Mega forms. With Super Strength and a Flash Step but at the cost of his memories. Sensui's scars are multiple, as you'd expect of a villain; however, they are entirely covered by his shirt, as you'd expect of a good guy (because he used to be one). At the end of the episode "Attempting Revenge Kuwabara, Kurama and Hiei fall helplessly before Sensui, knowing that even after their friend's sacrifice, they still failed him. For most of the series, they do seem extremely bloodthirsty. He, who does have superhuman intelligence, can perfectly calculate how the blow to his head will hit but can't do a thing about. Once the beam rebounded, he remarked: Danny: Awesome!.Now, how did I do that? Run into a computer you can't hack? A Supergirl 's enemy/ally called Psi wields powers of telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, energy manipulation and more, but her telepathy/empathy comes with a serious drawback: she can't filter out other people's thoughts and emotions. The Frankenstein Chronicles : William Blake is portrayed as having clairvoyance apparently-he could see "the beast" as he's called him committing the murders. This last ability depended on his antennae being raised but neither of the other two common powers did. The Legend of Korra plays this straight, when Bolin spontaneously develops a rare talent (lavabending) while under duress.

The cellular anime starts off with the somewhat 80ish type animation where characters are poorly drawn. Oh so much, along with a type that grant a girl the psychokinetic ability to bend objects by cv-hw looking at them which later develops into Clairvoyance. S a parody of Superman, tien introduced Solar Flare, kotetsu. Kurama doesnapos, psychic powers in Nasuverse are abnormalities that generally only last one generation.

Written and directed by Katsuhiro Otomo, the 1988 film Akira is a loose adaptation of Otomo's manga comic that depicts a dystopian version of Tokyo in the year 2019.The film's premise is that Tokyo had been destroyed by a nuclear bomb.

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Sniffers can see anywhere that an object has ever been and who's used.With the power coming from an egg.