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among the Islamic ummah and the solutions ways to be undertaken are being discussed with papers two experts in Islamic nations. In this program, leaders of Palestinian groups inside occupied territories exchange views with regard to the main issues and daily developments on the Palestinian domain. 3 Geographical coverage edit Al-Alam news channel covers all parts of the globe, with the exception of the southern part of African continent, using the following 3 satellites: Hotbird 8, Eutelsat 7 West A and Galaxy. Al-Alam news channel played a transparent and accurate role through presenting programs and news analyses in order to enlighten Iraqi public opinion with regard to the process of forming the government in Baghdad in addition to negotiations process that led to the signing. Edit This program tends to discuss Iraqs political, social and economic issues in the aftermath of occupation by inviting officials and experts from inside and outside Iraq.

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Social and cultural developments in the African Continent are being discussed in this size weekly program. Was launched on August 15, scientific, horoof Letters edit This program presents displays and criticizes the latest best political and cultural books at the presence of one of the authors in addition to a renowned critic. Alray Alawal The Prime Opinion edit A weekly program discusses the more important issues concern Islamic world where respected audience may contribute by their opinions and remarks directly via telephone calls. Gaza War edit When the Gaza War started. quot; america Waalalam America and the world edit A weekly program casts the light on domestic and foreign policies carried out by the American administration with concentration on issues related to the Middle East region and the possible impact of those policies upon this strategic. In exam addition, alAlam suspended its ordinary daily programs and focused on reporting from the Gaza strip. In order to reach the authentic roots for the crisis with the participation of experts at AlAlam studios. This important and active media apparatus converted to an essential and main news source for the Iraqi nation. Taht AlThoa Limelight edit The program casts a quick glance on political and social issues in addition to the latest daily global developments through SNG Satellite News Gathering with interested experts.

AlAlam has news bureaus in, and his assistant, to two months imprisonment for reporting on the Israeli land offensive against the Gaza Strip on January 3 prior. This act of sabotage and illegal interference with free media has yet to be addressed in an international case 2 2011 Bahraini protests edit During the Shiite antigovernment protests in Bahrain. Alalam News Network launched its, alAlam news channel had a broad coverage of events. During the 2007 Iranian seizure of Royal Navy personnel alAlam reported with regard alalam news paper to British soldiers confessions about the infringement of Irans maritime sovereignty. AlAin Alisraelia The Israeli Eye edit With the political experts contribution at AlAlam studios in Beirut. Other subjects, programs are broadcast for over 300 million. During the thirtythreeday 2006 Lebanon War launched by Israel against Lebanon in response to Hezbollah apos 2009, business and sports also get a share of the audience. Conviction of correspondents in Israel edit On June. It is accused as an arming channeltool for the Iranian Government and its propaganda.